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Member Registration / Directory Listing / Member Page / Advertisement

Why Make It Complicated to Sell Your Digital Goods? – Our Model Is Simple & Affordable

Membership, directory listing of your links and a member page can all be achieved by simply going to the Sign-Up page and completing the registration process:

  1. User Account Info – this information is used in order to establish your user account, and if so desired, a member page.
  2. Biographical Info – this information is for UDD internal need in regards to payment transaction and processing purposes only. No personal information will be displayed or shared with outside sources.
  3. Download Link Info – this is where you will provide the download link sources for all your digital goods you promote here on the site.
  4. Get Listed – a few general questions and you are DONE! ( Note: It is highly advised to include some testimonials and FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding your digital goods. Providing this information gives confidence in you as a source and provider of quality digital goods. )


  • Member Page – gives you the ability to update at will information regarding your downloadable links and any coupons associated with your digital goods; member pages allow potential customers the opportunity to better understand your digital products due to the more personal representation of you, the seller; and member pages gives you the opportunity to personalize the sell, it drives more traffic to your links, thereby, increasing the potential for you to close more sales;
  • 16 Digital Categories – promote your digital goods in one or multiple categories based upon the type(s) of digital goods you desire to promote here; and most importantly,
  • Over 150,000 daily web views and growing.

Not interested in member registration, directory listing, or a member page, OK you can still purchase an Advertisement from UDD and promote your digital downloadable goods.

Here’s how:


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