Where Advertised?

Advertise your digital download’s trade deals:

in 16 Digital Download Category Sections within the Today’s Special page, reliable sourced information

or as a feature advertisement within UDD’s monthly newsletter, newsletter

as well as on your individual Member Page. market research

Why Advertise?

Banner Ads and Newsletter advertisement allows our members and visitors the opportunity to network with other subscribed members, as well as the visiting pubic at-large,  in regards to trade coupons, discounts or group buying opportunities.

Here, members and visitors can make price comparisons, search for and get business coupons or discounts submitted by other members, trade vendors, or sponsors, as well as broker group buying opportunities in order to make commission on sales.

Banner Ads and Newsletter advertisement present the best buying opportunities for those looking to achieve the highest discount possible through group buying.

How It Works:

Member or visitor submits trade deal.

Visitors and other members review deal and make price comparison.

Interested consumers generate buzz by linking to their social media informing followers, which drives traffic.

Vendors increase your sales while members and visitors to site get discounts per trade deal submission. newsletter

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